Where to Find Public Domains Images Free of Charge for Your Artwork

Domains Images Free of Charge for Your Artwork

Having troubles finding the perfect public domain photo for your artwork? Here is where to find amazing public domains images free of charge!

 Copyright serves an important service by protecting the rights of the authors, artists, and creatives who depend on their creative work to make a living. The public domains photos, on the other side, fill another purpose, they are here for people who need photos to reuse, rework, repurpose, and etc. They are here for the artists. The only problem is finding the perfect public domain source for your artwork.

Before we present you some great sources, let’s see what public domains are first.

 Reusing copyright photos can be tricky and you should know this. It can be considered as “fair use” and in some cases, it can be a copyright violation. You can avoid complications and troubles by using public domain photos and CC0 images in your artwork. Public domains are creative pieces of work that are free of copyright restrictions and they can be used for absolutely any purpose. The Creative Commons images can also be used for any purpose.

 Where to find public domains images free of charge for your artwork?

Here are a few websites that specialize in free public domains images, illustrations, and maps:

  • The Met can offer you more than 300.000 photos with a Creative Commons Zero license as part of their Open Access program.
  • Bildgeist is a very popular site that specializes in public domains photos in 4 different categories – Nature, Alchemy, Mythology, and Culture. You can find some great NASA imagery, medieval illustrations, and vintage photos.
  • Dover Publications publish books with copyright-free which means you can cut out, edit, photocopy or use the photos for whatever you like.
  • Pond5 has a huge selection of photos and videos, however, it is important to know that only some of these photos are in the public domain. Be careful when you search and make sure to select the appropriate checkbox to see only copyright-free photos.
  • The Internet Archive can offer you all kinds of photos you can download and use for your own purpose, however, not all of the photos you see here are free of copyright.
  • Lots of museums host downloadable photos on their site, including the Rijksmuseum the Hermitage, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and many others.

Are there any other sources you want to share with us? Let us know!