Frequently Asked Questions About Creative Commons
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If you’re a photography enthusiast, then you know that Creative Commons is an America NGO dedicated to broadening the range of creative images, tools, and other resources to ensure people use and share them legally. With more affiliates across the world, Creative Commons has enabled just about everyone to access these creative works. Today, we’re going to talk about the frequently asked questions about creative commons images to understand them better:

Is there any conflict between creative commons images online and copyright?

There is no conflict between the two. Fundamentally, creative commons licenses depend on copyright laws to work. Creative common licenses have a lot in common with copyright. They are tools that creators and rights issuers use to offer their creative works to the public. They retain individual rights to the images or other creative works. So, if you have your pictures and you want to make them available for limited kinds of uses, suffice to consider creative commons license.

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Creative Commons Licenses and Images in the Public Domain

Is creative commons images online body fit to offer legal advice about the licenses they provide, as well as other tools?

Creative Commons is not classified as a law firm, which means it can’t offer legal advice or counsel. You can think of Creative Commons as a self-service group that provides free, legal tools and resources for others people to use.

I read somewhere that creative commons images online organization collects and tracks images licensed under it

That’s not true. Creative Commons doesn’t partake in any activity related to tracking any images licensed under it. What Creative Commons does is it, aides, people to find and use images licensed under it. In fact, the body came up with the ‘’Creative Commons Search” platform to help searchers find different images from different websites offered under the Creative Commons license.

Using Creative Commons to Find Photos You Can Use
Finding and Using Online Images

What do creative commons buttons do regarding creative commons images online?

Creative buttons represent the easiest ways to showcase the basic permissions related to images offered under the creative commons license. Image creators and owners who make use of the creative commons license can download and implement the buttons to inform users of the image permissions up front. Ideally, the license links out to the images and users can access and read it.

Am I allowed to use creative commons images online logo to showcase my pictures online?

Creative Commons allow you to use their logo to showcase the kind of license that covers your images. But there is a catch: You must comply with their policies. Also, if you’ve decided to use the Creative Commons logo on your images or websites, you’re not allowed to alter it in any way. For example, you are not allowed to change the colors, the proportions, and fonts. That’s because the body trademarks the logo, name and creative commons buttons and altering them means you’re infringing on the trademarks.

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Using Creative Commons Images on Your Site

I’ve read that Creative Commons images online organization runs an annual fundraising campaign? What is it for?

As we said earlier, Creative Commons is a non-profit-making organization, which is dedicated to offering free images and other creative works to the population to advance their agenda. So, essentially, they don’t make any money to oil the body’s operations. They rely on the annual fundraising campaign to raise money to take care of operations. It’s important that people donate to this campaign as they have enabled many people all over the world who could not afford images and creative works to access them for free.


You can make your donations to the annual fundraising campaign via the support page. You can donate through credit cards and a third-party payment system like PayPal. You can also lend your support by heading over to their store.